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Logistics & Warehousing Solutions

An essential service in logistics used to store goods for temporary or long-term solutions.

Storage for short or long-term periods is available. We also have controlled in-house Duty Management Bonded storage to enables the Importer to defer import duty and VAT until a time they wish to either move cargo into free circulation or export outside the EU, which means great advantage in cash flow.

Once we have determined our customers warehousing requirements, we ensure to provide the most suitable and cost-effective storage solution possible. In order to achieve this, we count with a very much experienced team and one of the most recognised flexible Warehouse Management System (WMS).

We offer cross docking at the site, with all work lengthily checked to maximise safety and efficiency, as well as ensuring an affordable service. We have got all different options available for a pliable and expert service that your cargo truly requires.

What we can offer:

  • Short to long-term storage options.
  • Bonded storage.
  • Pick & pack and repackaging service.
  • Storage for raw materials and semi-finished and finished products.
  • Inventory Management.

Carreno logistics services